Unloading equipment by gravity

Product description:

This equipment has been designed to discharge Big-Bags of different capacities and to control the final output flow. It regulates the quantity of outgoing Big Bags, it avoids abrupt loads in the conveying systems, and at the same time it produces a continuous flow during the change of bags. 

The unloading equipment has a receiving hopper that connects the exit of the bag with the following transporter corresponding to the process, like a conveyor belt, a chain elevator or a stacker crane with pivoting buckets. 

The receiving hopper stores the product while the Big-Bag replacement is performed. At the end of the receiving hopper there is a manual guillotine to pause or close the discharge.

Its main structure is made of a rectangular tube of 2.1 mm wall in SAE 1010 steel and folded plate. The external finishing of all the components features a two-layer polyurethane industrial paint.