Stonner DS170 – DS250

Product description
This equipment which sorts by weight difference separates a heavy product (discarded) from a lighter material which has to be cleaned. Conceptually, it was designed to separate small quantities of stones or clods from some grains or seeds in which they are contained due to particular harvesting characteristics. Nevertheless, its use has been extended to separate plastic from metal, plastic from stones, sunflower from corn and other similar processes.

In order to obtain the best quality in the separation and guarantee the total sorting of these heavy products, it is convenient to implement previous processes like Pre-cleaning or even sorting by size, since the more uniform the dimensions of the particles, the more precise the separation by weight. 

Its main structure is built in thick wall profiling with SAE1010 steel and coated with folded steel plate. All shafts are built in alloy steel and have been thermally treated.

The vibrating system is mounted over epoxy fiberglass plates, free from maintenance. All the movements are driven by three-phase electric motors. External finishing is performed with industrial synthetic paint in all its parts.