Stacker crane with pivoting buckets

Product description:

The new GESSI line of high capacity stacker cranes bear a modular system which scales the rendering of services when necessary, adapting the product to the growth and needs of the processing plants. At GESSI, we know how important is theproductive time, and that is the reason why we manufacture our stacker cranes entirely with high quality and standardized parts, which provides flexibility and promptness at the time of maintenance.

The entry of grains or seeds is provided by a Limiting Hopper which regulates and controls the filling of conveyance containers, improving the performance of the conveyance system.

Conveyance containers are made of high strength Food Grade material which gives reliability and added value to the processed product. 

The container conveyance system has guides along its path, which make movement easier and, at the same time, reduce the loss of the transported material. The assembled stacker crane structure provides fast access to any point in the system for cleaning and inspection of important parts, as well as for monitoring during operation.