Its modular design, capable of transporting 10t/h, allows the horizontal transportation in the loading section and, at the same time, lifting grains vertically with slow moving and unloading speed. This helps transporting seeds with a breakage percentage lower than 0,5% since there is no hit during loading or unloading.

The standard structure is made of folded profiles of SAE 1010 plate in different thicknesses, which can also be built (on demand) in Stainless Steel.

Due to its modular design, it is possible to adjust the three main sections, that is, bottom horizontal, vertical and upper horizontal. In this manner and according to the required design, multiple loading and unloading settings can be achieved.  

It has two chain lines with special attachments over which the plastic buckets are placed, which allows for the turnover of the buckets.

At the same time, the buckets remain overlapped in the horizontal sections, in such a manner that there are no losses or internal return, which guarantees maximum safety.

It is ideal for processes in which we should guarantee as little mechanical damage as possible and the greatest care against pollution by external agents, which prevent diminishing value to processed seeds.

Transmission system is made up of 12 gears driven by a 2HP gear-motor and direct coupling. It is easy to provide maintenance and has a long lifetime. External finishings are performed with industrial synthetic coat highly pressure sprayed in all parts, which guarantees high gloss and uniform thickness.