Sorter 220RC

Product description
This is an equipment that, from the first time it was on sale, changed the sorting concept existing up to that moment, not only being a fine cleaner but also because it increased the quality standards of the final product.

It belongs to our mid-range products regarding amount of grains per hour, with an excellent relation in terms of Productivity and Power Consumption. Its compensated oscillation movement permits to lift the equipment over working platforms, reducing the transmission of loads. The broadest range of grain selection options offered by this equipment turns it into the number one sorter in sales.

As in all our Sorters, this equipment has a body with an operating principle based on a densimetric table, whose main function is to separate impurities through weight difference. It also has a suction hood which removes the dust and the lighter bodies. It also has a body of sieves through which the grain is separated by shape and size. The particles go through a perforated sheet for removal of large foreign material taking out large bodies. It is followed by four planes of sieves and a blind sheet at the bottom. Each one of them has a basket filled with rubber balls which dislodge the grains and make the seeds move forward easily. There are two return sheets between the three upper sieves. These sheets receive the grains that passed through the upper sieve and send them to the following sieve. This allows and guarantees that the grains are perfectly graded.


The processed material is delivered from five outlet nozzles. The first four ones correspond to each one of the sieve planes and the fifth one to the blind sheet (bottom) from where the rejected or discarded material generally gets out.

Its main structure is mainly built in thick wall profiling with SAE1010 steel and coated with folded steel plate. All shafts are built in alloy steel and have been thermally treated. The vibrating system is mounted over epoxy fiberglass plates, free from maintenance. Every movement is produced by three-phase electric motors.  External finishing is performed with industrial synthetic paint in all its parts.