Pre-cleaning Equipment P2500R

Product description:
Model P2500R is the beginning of a line of Pre-cleaning equipment which evolves according to our traditional concept but preserves the escence of GESSI trademark. 

The system of buttom-up motion sieves is kept, which in turn benefits the maximum contact of seeds with the sieves, thus ensuring the ideal separation by size and shape and improving the removal of impurities. 

It is divided into three stages and consequently achieves maximum sorting balance among products which require high quality and the greatest productivity. The initial stage is performed through a regulating suction system with double instance, with a stream of air passing through the grain stream falling. Everything being volatile and lighter will be dragged to a decanter for its exit as discard, and the seeds will move forward to the first of the two sieving boxes.

This First Box has four sieves of 3m2 each and a Parallel operation mode (P). When Parallel is under mode, the four sieves must be equal, which enables to quadruple the intake flow. Therefore, we obtain two products: one product that is bigger remains at the top and gets out through the nozzles outside the equipment and the other product is the fallen material that goes to the lower box.

Here, in the Second Box, with four sieves of 3m2 each, the operation mode is also in Parallel. In this manner, we obtain two different products; each sieve works in this case with ¼ of the total flow, which means an increase in productivity. This body has two outlet nozzles (thick and fine).

This equipment is mainly built in square tubes of 5 mm wall in SAE 101 steel, coated with folded steel plate and high density fiberglass. All shafts are built in alloy steel and thermally treated. Vibrating system is mounted over epoxy fiberglass plates, free from maintenance. External finishing is performed with industrial synthetic paint in all its parts.