Polishing Equipment L200DS

Product description:
The product enters through a receiving hopper of about 70 kg and then it is channelized to two fabric augers, where the necessary friction occurs not only to clean the surface from the particles but also to polish it. The process is equivalent to rubbing each and every grain with synthetic fabrics.

Once the main process is performed, there is a second polishing stage through a vibrating box with channels coated with fabric. The polished product goes out from the equipment by a front nozzle at a height of 1000 mm. In no case the equipment will break the product, unless the conditions of the grains are not appropriate, for example, very low percentage of humidity in beans or old grain harvests.

Its main structure is made of a rectangular tube of 2.1 mm wall in SAE 1010 steel, and coated with folded plate. All shafts are alloy steel and have been thermally treated.

The vibrating system is mounted on epoxy fiberglass plates free from maintenance. Three-phase electric motors drive all the movements. The external finishing of all the components features an industrial synthetic paint.