Mobile sorter

Product description:

This equipment has the possibility to be transported to any place where a grain classifying or sorting process is desired to be done. It is fully built with different types of steels. As this equipment has no plastic elements, it has become a highly reliable and lasting solution to be adapted to the most demanding and harsh working conditions in this field.

It has a body with four sieves which are combined to perform a serie-parallel work. This helps the machine achieve a higher capacity of process increasing the production performance. At the intake of the equipment, the suction system creates air streams which take out the dust and the light particles stuck to the seeds from the sowing. The remaining heavy and bigger particles in size are removed by means of a sieve prior to the entrance to the sieve body.


Each sieve has a self-cleaning system with a basket containing many balls which prevent the grains from being trapped in the holes. This low maintenance and very effective system guarantees a process of excellent quality.

This equipment can be transported on gravel roads and/or paved roads at a trawling speed up to 80 km/h (on paved road). This gives the farmer the possibility to travel long distances without excessive time loss. 

The equipment is fully driven by a single three-phase electric motor of 9,2 kw x 1000 rpm, and the remaining parts are connected through several belts. The entry of grains is through a hinged bucket chain which can be folded at the moment of the equipment transportation and unfolded at the time of operation.