Unloading equipment

Product description:

This equipment has been designed to discharge Big-Bags of different capacities and to control the final output flow. It allows to regulate the outgoing quantity avoiding abrupt loads in the transport systems and, at the same time, producing a continuous flow during the change of bags.

Additionally, it is important the Forklift autonomy, since it allows the lifting and then the discharge without the help of an external system. It has an electric hoist up to 2000 kg with manual movement to place the bag in the right position, to untie the bottom output opening and to support the bags for discharge by gravity.

The unloading equipment has, at the back of the intake opening, a vibrating conveyor that connects the exit of the bag with the following conveyor corresponding to the process, like a conveyor belt, a chain elevator or a stacker crane with pivoting buckets. This vibrating conveyor also allows automation since in the event it stops, the grain does not fall. It is ideal in systems where the discharge is required to be interrupted due to, for example, a failure of a mechanism or for filling a storage Hopper.

Its main structure is made of a rectangular tube of 2.1 mm wall in SAE 1010 steel and folded plate. All shafts are alloy steel and have been thermally treated.

All the movements are driven by electric motors. The equipment consumes 0,5kW in the transportation. The external finishing of all the components features an industrial synthetic paint.