Product description
Hoppers are a storage system for dried granulated materials, necessary within many production processes. They enable flow continuity when passing from one equipment to another one, even when the speeds could not be identical or when temporary stops are necessary. Intermediate storage also makes the operation and the regulation of different machines easy, for example, to select grains. The process flow is an important regulating parameter to obtain the highest quality and, without it, when the flow is modified in an equipment, the other equipment could be affected.

Their modular, square and disassembled design to store 4, 6.5, 10 or 20 t is made of steel plates of different thicknesses to ensure durability and strength. The 45° standard angle enables the full discharge to provide safety and hygienic conditions. From the intake there are decelerators to reduce the fall speed and the impact that the material may suffer, ensuring as little damage as possible and thus not diminishing the value to the processed product.

The bracket or structure of the upper Storage Body can be of two different types: a central leg or four external legs. The central leg provides the body to be hung and to come closer to the equipment without the restriction of the external legs, but the product stored can be taken out from the side of the body and not from the bottom of it. The structure of four external legs is the opposite, since it allows the bottom extraction (for example, like a bagging equipment). Additionally, these structures can be of different heights, according to the required height of the exit opening.

As it is free maintenance, it has a long lifetime. External finishings are performed with industrial synthetic paint highly pressure sprayed in all its parts, which guarantees high gloss and uniform thickness.