Densimetric Equipment G520

Product description:
This equipment is the biggest one in the line of Gessi trademark Densimetric equipment with mechanical regulation, and the one with most years of uninterrupted manufacturing. It is ideal for any types of grains, flexible regarding its adjusting capacity and unique in terms of reliability. A simple and strength machine.

Fitted with five ventilation turbines coupled to a single shaft, we can regulate the necessary flow process through a mechanical system by adjusting the opening or the closure of the air intakes. Additionaly, the Longitudinal and Transverse tilt can be adjusted with screws in a simple, fast and efficient manner.

The grain exit distinguishes three kind of products: the good product, the discard product and the reprocessing product. The outlet openings have flanges to couple nozzles and send the product directly to the transport systems and then get into hoppers or Big-Bags (no bags). The working plate over which the grain is moved can be of three thickness types (thick, medium and thin) which are definitely in relation to the seed size.

It features a 20 HP three-phase electric motor to drive the turbines and a 1 hp three-phase electric motor to drive the vibrating system. The equipment is delivered with the corresponding wiring, the terminal boards and the button panel, which are all installed in the Control Panel. Additionally, the power panel can be ordered with the necessary electronic drives to adjust the vibration speed, and the soft start for the turbine engine which prevents breakage or overconsumption.

The finishing consists of Industrial Synthetic Paints and the materials are made of high strength carbon steel. All the parts being in contact with the grain are prepared to meet the highest standards of food and phytosanitary safety.