Calibrator CA 2500

Product Description:

Models CA 2500 are the start of a line of Calibrators which reinforce our traditional concept preserving the essence of GESSI trademark.

The system of buttom-up motion sieves is kept, which in turn benefits the maximum contact of seeds with the sieves, thus ensuring the ideal separation by size and shape and reducing the percentage of product out of standard (free fall). 

This First Box has four sieves of 3m2 each one and a series-production mode (S). When the operation is in series, the four sieves must be different in size. This enables us to separate the material entered into the five different sizes, from the largest size in the first sieve to the smallest size at the bottom of the box. Precisely, the material that left the blind sheet at the bottom comes to be sized or calibrated in the lower box.

The Second Box has four sieves of 3m2 each one and the operation mode is also in series. In this manner we obtain five different products. Altogether this machine can deliver nine different calibers. Even if the exit of two or more nozzles could be joined, the division allowed guarantees the highest quality in size, taking into account that productivity depends only on a good selection of screen holes.

Its main structure is mainly built in square tubes of 5mm wall in SAE 101 steel, coated with folded steel plate and high density fiberglass. All shafts are built in alloy steel and have been thermally treated.

The vibrating system is mounted over epoxy fiberglass plates, free from maintenance. External finishing is performed with industrial synthetic paint in all its parts.